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appserver crash on resolution change from mplayer

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Joined: 16 Oct 2009
Posts: 40

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:47 pm    Post subject: appserver crash on resolution change from mplayer Reply with quote

this shouldn't be possible, but... i was trying out the mplayer binary (from the resource download page) to play a music video.

it attempted to go fullscreen (i think), and cranked up my resolution to 1024x768 which was previously set at 800x600. then my system was (from what i could tell) locked up. now i can't get back in, but i DID get some debug output:

i think the key here is:

_ZN13DisplayDriver8FillRectEP9SrvBitmapRKN2os5IRectERKNS2_9Color32_sEi + 000008cb

.. where, as i stated, my resolution SHOULD be set to 800x600, appserver is confused and crashes...?

i hope this is helpful to somebody, because i don't have a sweet clue how appserver works Smile

Ah, I almost forgot to mention this, but login works just fine. It's in 1024x768, but it works, and after a successful login I am greeted by my desktop wallpaper, but no icons or anything.

now, according to my /system/config/appserver the res for desktop 00 is actually 1280x1024...

but, strangely, the line is:

Desktop 00 = 1280 1024 -0.00 -0.00 -0.00 nan 60.00 RGB16 ""

... where the zeros and 'nan' make me nervous, since every other line has those values filled in.


i changed the line to match the others which made my startup resolution a humble 640x480. again i could login, and my wallpaper showed up at 640x480, but appserver still crashed:

[code:1]0:appserver::W:Desktop : *** NO AREA FOR ADDRESS a0c47000 ***
0:appserver::W:Desktop : Invalid pagefault at a0c47000 (NOTP:READ:USER)
0:appserver::W:Desktop : EAX = a0c46ff1 : EBX = 800ea720 : ECX = 00000000 : EDX = a0c46600
0:appserver::W:Desktop : ESI = a0c46ff0 : EDI = a049fff8 : EBP = 80355778
0:appserver::W:Desktop : SS::ESP = 0023::803555f0
0:appserver::W:Desktop : CS::EIP = 0013::800155bb
0:appserver::W:Desktop : DS = 0023 : ES = 0023 : FS = 0023 : GS = 00c0
0:appserver::W:Desktop : EFLAGS = 00203297 (CF PF AF SF IF ID )
0:appserver::W:Desktop : CPU ID = 0 : kernel stack = 02c81014
0:appserver::W:Desktop : 0 -> 800155bb
0:appserver::W:Desktop : appserver + 000155bb -> _ZN13DisplayDriver8FillRectEP9SrvBitmapRKN2os5IRectERKNS2_9Color32_sEi + 000008cb
0:appserver::W:Desktop : 1 -> 800176d9
0:appserver::W:Desktop : appserver + 000176d9 -> _ZN13DisplayDriver9BltBitmapEP9SrvBitmapS1_N2os5IRectES3_ii + 00000b49
0:appserver::W:Desktop : 2 -> 8005e90b[/code:1]

copying the appserver config from the install disc didn't help either.
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The Knights of Syllable

Joined: 14 Sep 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's interesting, I've never seen a crash during such low level software rendering like that before.

The invalid address is right on the page boundary, so at a guess FillRect has written past the end of the bitmap. However FillRect is mostly a wrapper around other methods in DisplayDriver, and they're not in the stack trace, so we'll have to add debugging output to FillRect() to find out what's triggering it.
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