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Useful snippets out of the forum

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:00 am    Post subject: Useful snippets out of the forum Reply with quote

I thought I would move discussion to here:

Nos, if you want to pull more widely useful snippets out of the forum, please do. We don't currently have a good wiki solution. We do have a wiki running for the community project. Using that would be better than introducing yet another one. In the long term, I still want to replace it with our own CMS. I'll think about setting up a Fossil wiki in the meantime.

Be careful not to duplicate or contradict existing documentation. For example, the instructions for Syllable system building are a standard section of the Builder manual. When possible, please link to existing documentation.[/quote]

I would like to pull useful snippets out of the forum but I am not necessary wanting to write a book. A couple of lines to get the subject matter then a link. If I were to just cut and paste then context could be lost. So yes I feel linking back to the original source is very important.

There is also the aspect of what types of posts and by that I mean. Should a work around for any issues people might be having be included. I feel a little hesitant -I am more interested in showing what's under the hood of Syllable. So dkent's post about how makefile killed my Syllable might not make it in (yet one could argue that it is important ) but yet the self repairing of symlinks on reboot that was also in the post would. So there would be some subjectiveness.

I also have my eye on some of your news releases that might get buried over time. Like how you were able to use a linux binary on Syllable Desktop with Rebol 3. That's pretty cool Very Happy

Be careful not to duplicate or contradict existing documentation. Yes stuff like that is not to be messed with. Although my knowledge of official documentation is limited if I see something I think is cool I will just reference and link to it.

I was looking into some of the semantics of pmwiki. pmwiki allows for a single post to have multiple categories.
I did not see anything similar with fossil wiki. I am learning towards pmwiki unless I missed something in fossil wiki.

This will be a slow process might get started in a few weeks and then for it to slowly build up over time Very Happy

I hope all of that sounds ok. Thoughts?
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The Knights of Syllable

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There are no category tags in Fossil for wiki documents. There are for ticket documents, but I have disabled the ticket system because it's primarily meant for issue tracking. It could be adapted for general document organisation, but then you would have to choose whether to put an article in the wiki or in the ticket system. There's a third mode, where you can maintain wiki documents as version-tracked files, but then you can't use the web interface to edit them.

I think if the goal is to have a wiki on the web for the community, the web wiki system is the most straightforward choice.

Categories can easily be constructed by making lists of links to the relevant articles. A table of contents would be built up like that over time on the front page.

There are general questions here of structured versus unstructured information, and of maintainability. The philosophy of a wiki, especially one for a decentralised community, is to manage unstructured information. Fossil is fine for that. PMWiki is an extensive wiki that has much more support for structured documents, such as those categories. However, that also makes it quite a bit more complex. My own CMS is more suitable to implement such structured content, such as our news and download pages. It's not interactive yet, but eventually it should run all our sites. Fossil documents are simple, so they will be much less hard to migrate than if we would use complex features in PMWiki.

Over the years we have had many problems with infrastructure systems. Fossil is very strong in deployment and management, and it's now part of the Syllable software stack. PMWiki is written in PHP, which we don't use anywhere else. We deal with Fossil anyway, but PMWiki would be an extra burden to integrate and maintain, which we can't afford.

Don't worry too much about how the wiki will be. Some planning is good, but too much stifles. The point of a wiki is that it will develop organically, that things will happen when there are people who want it to happen.
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