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PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:49 am    Post subject: Rebol/Red Reply with quote

[quote="Kaj"]It's most like a combination of Forth, Lisp (particularly NewLisp), Scheme, Logo - which was also derived from Scheme - and Self. All classic languages.

REBOL's designer was a Lisp and C programmer, and operating system designer, and made a commercial Logo implementation, before he came up with REBOL's design. He formed a company and for REBOL 1 he contracted someone who had done Scheme implementations. REBOL 1's implementation turned out to be too complex to modify by other developers, and way too slow to base the planned GUI engine on. REBOL 2 was rewritten as a Forth-like engine, much simpler and faster, but still with almost the same Scheme-like semantics.

Red is split in two languages: Red/System, basically a C-like language with REBOL notation, and Red based on that, mostly a REBOL clone but compiled instead of interpreted. So the history of the language family is to get ever closer to being able to implement operating system parts in them.

Thanks for the info. I downloaded the system. It appears that the source and binaries are available for both Red and Rebol. The binaries are convenient, but years of open source usage has made me a little skittish about binaries.

I noticed a Syllable executable on the download page. I imagine you had some input into the Syllable port? It seems that some other libraries available on the site (for free) are GUI oriented, but they are listed as part of Rebol version 2, which is not free. Based on that, I suppose that the Syllable version does not have those GUI libs, making the Syllable version good for console based projects? I suppose GUIs could be done without those libraries? Excuse my ignorance of Rebol/Red.

The most I've done so far is ./red-050 -version.
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The Knights of Syllable

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2014 7:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, three people including me worked on the Syllable port of Red.

The only place I know of with binaries for Syllable are my Red downloads:

Do you mean those?

REBOL 2 indeed has the most mature GUI system. It is closed source.

REBOL 3 is open source and has a new GUI system, but the GUI is only available for Windows and Linux/X11 so far. There's a proof of concept for Android, but the source of that has not been published.

I have done proof-of-concept GTK+ GUI bindings for Red and Red/System. Binary examples are in the above downloads, and the source is here:

The source of Red itself has a branch with a proof-of-concept GUI binding for Android, and a proof of concept for Windows is rumoured to exist.

Since none of those GUI's work on Syllable, both Red and REBOL are indeed limited to console programs and libraries there, but some graphics work can be done with my SDL and OpenGL bindings:
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